About the project Emergency ID

Emergency ID is a project by Michael Kania and his team. At the same time, we have been working for years to include meaningful emergency data storage in an online emergency passport in connection with emergency bracelets and an emergency app for everyone.

How we deal with the first small goals to better protect emergency services with emergency patient data, to connect us to a team. Now we are pulling a different line together to achieve a successful concept and make it even better.

The emergency ID team

Michael Kania

Michael Kania has been a firefighter and rescue service for more than 20 years and therefore knows what is important in an emergency. He often had to experience critical situations in which life-threatening patient data could not be obtained in time, for example, with pre-existing conditions, medications or allergies.

That is why he decided in 2013 that he wanted to improve this situation. The idea for the bracelets, which contained the most important emergency data, was born. Already a year later, he had the plan to develop an app that would complement this very well-worn bracelet. The goal was and is that as many people as possible store their vital medical data in an easy-to-access app on their smartphone and the rescue service through the emergency armband will draw attention to it.

How to proceed with emergency ID

The result is a success story: the emergency ID app has already been downloaded from over 8000 people on their smartphone and also the bracelets are very well received. We are constantly working to improve the app and the emergency harnesses, to offer a wider range and other jewels in order to be able to offer an emergency ID as far as possible.

The goal of the project is that as many people as possible unite their important emergency data in the app and carry their emergency armband all the time. Since they usually have their smartphone anyway, they enable the rescue service to make quick and correct decisions in the event of an emergency on the background of the patient’s individual emergency data. Every life that can be saved is a success for the emergency ID team!