Your personal Medical Card

The Emergency Card

with free emergency access and APP

The emergency card with the free emergency pass access is your inconspicuous life-saver: In the wallet, you can tell your helper in emergency situations by entering the access codes at all about your medical history, medicines and much more.

Notfall App

Emergency infos on the card and in the online emergency passport

On the emergency card you will find your name and the access code for the online emergency passport. The back of the emergency card serves the most important pre-information on your medications, allergies and illnesses. So your rescuer can quickly orientate.


By NFC to the medical data in the emergency passport

The emergency card can the ambulance service be held behind an NFC-enabled smartphone, so all important medical data from the emergency passport is displayed to your person:And the rescuers can help quickly.

Notfall App und Notfallarmband

Even without Internet: Medical data in the emergency app

No Internet connection ! In this case, the emergency app offers a second possibility to retrieve your medical emergency data. If you simply enter the data from the online emergency pass into the emergency app, the rescue service can also help

Safe your life with the emergency card and the free emergency pass!

Sicher dein Leben mit dem Notfallarmband !

Emergency card and emergency pass all medical information at a glance

In an emergency, every second counts. Therefore, emergency physicians and emergency responders or other assistants need immediate information about your medical history. A glance at the emergency card is enough: The emergency card reveals directly that all relevant important emergency data are available in the smartphone app as well as in the online emergency passport. And thanks to the printed access code and the simple NFC function, the reading of the medical data is intuitive and easy.

Advantages of your emergency card with the online emergency passport: Make life safer

Your emergency card can save you a lot of life – enter your data online and in the app so that they can be retrieved with and without Internet connection. Benefit from the benefits of the Emergency Card from Emergency ID:


medical data at first sight


detailed medical history, information on allergies and the emergency in the online emergency passport and the app


even faster help in case of emergency


minimized risk of incorrect decisions at the place of the accident


very easy to use and use thanks to the NFC function


practical emergency card in the check card format for carrying in the moneybag


works even without internet connection by app usage


more security when traveling alone

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Super App. Macht was sie soll, ist leicht ein zu stellen und zu bedienen, eben eine durch und durch sehr gelungene APP.

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Super praktisch Sehr gut strukturiert und umgesetzt. Für den Ernstfall sind alle Daten vorhanden und es lohnt sich das kleine Geld auszugeben um mehrere Profile anlegen zu können. Nach dem neusten update ist es leider nicht mehr möglich den Notruf und die Nachricht vom verschlossenen Bildschirm abzusetzen, würde lir wünschen dass dies wieder möglich ist.

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Medical data always ready to hand: More safety thanks to the emergency card

In an emergency, seconds can decide life and death. In order for the rescue team to help you quickly, it needs immediately your most important medical data. Information about medications, chronic illnesses or allergies can help the rescue personnel determine the right emergency treatment for you and save your life. But what if you are not able to access the information yourself? Then your emergency card speaks for you!

The Emergency ID Emergency Card: The most important medical data at a glance

The emergency ID emergency card for the wallet is your rescuer in need and provides the rescue personnel with exactly the data it needs for its work. In order to ensure the accessibility of the information, the card has three functions for retrieving the data:

Emergency response 1: Information on the emergency card

You should keep the emergency card in the check card format in the purse near your health insurance card. With a water-proof pen, write down the most important data for the emergency treatment on the back of the card. Please tick here:


  • Infectious diseases
  • Coagulopathy
  • Heart pacemaker / Defi
  • Heart attack
  • Asthma / COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Dialysis Paid


  • Anticoagulant
  • Cortisone
  • Insulin


  • Antibiotics
  • Painkiller
  • Contrast
  • Other allergies


  • Living Will
  • Organ donor
  • Pet owners

This information helps your helper choose the right emergency response – without any loss of time.

Emergency function 2: Comprehensive medical data in the online emergency passport

The emergency card can be read out via the NFC function which most modern smartphones have. This opens the emergency passport in the browser of the mobile phone, in which all your personal and medical data are available for retrieval. Here, without limitation, you can provide information about your medical history, medications, allergies and much more. In addition, there is the possibility to insert more detailed information such as the medication plan and pictures, for example, a reference to the location of your patient (or a scan of it directly), information on the care of your pets, persons to be contacted in case of emergency and much more.

NFC – How it works: To retrieve your data, the helper must simply activate the NFC function on his smartphone and place the emergency card on the back of the device. If the Internet connection is established, the online emergency pass will open immediately with your stored data.

You can easily manage the emergency pass via a web application, which can be called up on the computer or on the smartphone. Register with your e-mail address and a password. Otherwise, the emergency pass access does not collect any personal data, so that you can be completely anonymous here. Your data is thus completely secure as it can not be associated with your person by unauthorized third parties.

In the first year, you can use the emergency passport completely free of charge – try this option to make your life a little safer.

Emergency function 3: Code for emergency ID app

The emergency ID app has been designed to be combined with the emergency card and our emergency arm bands. It can be opened on the screen of your smartphone without entering your security PIN. Your emergency assistant can directly access the medical data stored in the app. You can use the app with the emergency card or the emergency armband, or you can combine both solutions Make sure your data is even faster in an emergency. In case of a bad Internet connection, the emergency app serves as a second relapse level.

Emergency card or bracelet: Which solution is right for me?

Perhaps you are still unsure whether you can better access the emergency card or the bracelet. Which solution is the better choice for you depends entirely on your activities and the coverage of your mobile network provider. The data in the online emergency pass is dependent on an Internet connection, while the emergency ID app can also be used without a connection.
Perhaps you are still unsure whether you can access the emergency card or the bracelet better. Which solution is the better choice for you depends entirely on your activities and the coverage of your mobile operator. The data in the online emergency depends on an Internet connection, while the emergency ID app can also be used without a connection.

The emergency armband is best suited for you if you are very active in sports. In sports, most people have neither handbag nor wallet. The smartphone is however almost always with the part – and thus the emergency ID app is also without Internet connection to the grasp close.

By the way, you can also share the emergency card and the bracelet. This greatly increases the likelihood that your helpers can access the data in a timely manner.

Emergency card for printing: Do not miss the additional features

On the net, you can download an emergency card for printing. You can easily fill out such a form, print it out, cut it into the check card format, and then carry it in the wallet. However, your emergency assistant then only really learns what fits on this one card. The Emergency ID Emergency Card, on the other hand, offers you additional features that you should not miss for your own safety:

  • extensive medical data, down to the smallest detail
  • always up-to-date, without having to re-plan the map again and again
  • high stability and longevity
  • can be read by NFC
  • immediately as an emergency card

The electronic health card: alternative to the emergency ID emergency card?

For several years, the statutory health insurance funds have been pushing ahead with the “electronic health card” project. From 2018 it should be so far and the health maps are to be able to save large-area emergency data. Firstly, it is here, in particular, drug plans. Perhaps the question arises whether you need a separate emergency card on this background at all.

The electronic health card, however, will not provide the opportunity to pass on any information. Although your doctor can record data on your medications and possibly also previous illnesses. The practice shows, however, that the card saves a lot of information that is not relevant in an emergency at all – but some data are missing, which could be decisive for the emergency physician. In addition, the electronic health card does not provide you with additional personal data, such as your pet. Furthermore, it is still unclear how the emergency physician should read out the data at the accident site. This would require a special reader, which would have to be carried along for this purpose. It is possible that the electronic health card will be expanded even more in the future, but this is not yet foreseen and may take several years.
The emergency ID emergency card is clearly an advantage here. An NFC-enabled smartphone is likely to be found in almost every rescue team, and you can store any information that might be important to you in an emergency in the emergency ID app or online emergency passport. To make sure that you are properly cared for and treated in an emergency, your family can be contacted and someone is taking care of your pets. In addition, your data can be easily read abroad (for example, on vacation). The fact that the emergency medical workers in Spain randomly also have readers for the German electronic health card, should be rather questionable.

Get your emergency card now and register for the emergency pass free of charge – thus protecting yourself from life-threatening situations!