Your Personal Medical ID

Emergency ID bracelet and Emergency Pass

Saves your Life

if you can not

This trendy Medical ID bracelet shows the rescuers in an emergency, the access data to the emergency app in your smartphone, there you can capture all the medical data like medicines etc. which are important for the rescue service to help you.

Emergency information in Medical ID app

In the Android app Medical ID, you can safe emergency data such as blood type, illness, medication, allergy and emergency contacts centrally and immediately available for the emergency service..

Unique trendy SOS ID bracelet

The high-quality Medical ID power bracelet combines design and function. Silicone, germanium and titanium, combined with the finest fabric, are a guarantee for versatile and sturdy accessories that accompany you everywhere..

App + Bracelet = Safe and top styled

For you, the Medical ID bracelet expresses your unrivaled style, for the rescue service the quick access to your emergency data. In combination, the Medical ID bracelet and the app are an unbeatable team!!

Save your Life with Medical ID

Save your Life with Medical ID

In case of emergency all medical information at a glance

In an emergency, every second counts. Therefore, paramedics or other helpers need immediate information about your medical history. Take a look at your wrist: your emergency Medical ID bracelet shows at a glance that all relevant medical data is available in your smartphone app. And thanks to the printed security code, access is intuitive and without prior knowledge.

Emergency ID wristband with many advantages

With your Medical ID SOS wristband, you are on the safe side: Make sure you can help you quickly if you have an accident or are no longer accessible due to an acute condition. The combination of App and Bracelet offers you these advantages:


Rescue service has immediate medical data


Rapid intervention in critical situations


Life-saving decisions through relevant information


Easy to use app


Trendy bracelet in different colors


Emergency ID tag can also be combined with other products


A sense of security when you are alone


No internet connection necessary

Trendy design in many colors

Choose from our many designs and colors your personal favorite piece or choose for several colors for daily combining. The Medical ID bracelet is made of a fine fabric, which is particularly robust thanks to the included silicone, germanium and titanium fibers, while at the same time being flexible to your wrist.

And best of all, you can always attach your personal emergency ID to other bracelets (eg watch straps or fitnesstrackers). If necessary, simply use several emergency IDs, which you can flexibly attach to your jewelery.

Emergency Wristlet Classically chic

We also have our classic Chic Style staples in many designs and colors. In carbon optics with simple fashionable silicone strap and an elegant adjustable buckle. As well as silicone Medical ID bracelets with stainless steel and various magnets makes carrying to many everyday situations possible. Many use these bracelets as energy bracelets.

Now do something for your personal safety!

The emergency ID wristband offers you a bit more security, whether in road traffic, in sports or for the elderly, who live alone. For paramedics the view of your wrist is self-evident. If you find your Medical ID bracelet here, you can immediately take the necessary steps to provide you with the best possible care.

Smart Emergency wristlet: More security through the app

Our team has had many years of experience in the rescue service and experienced many critical situations. Sportsmen are hurt on their daily run. Pedestrians are approached by a car. Older people lose consciousness in their home or suffer a stroke. In many cases the rescue service can only help if he knows as soon as possible about pre-existing conditions, medications or allergies. Unfortunately, in the rarest cases, a member of the family who is able to provide information on all medical data is rare. It may result in too late intervention or mistakes.

That is why, together with emergency physicians and emergency responders, we have dedicated ourselves to the task of developing a system that provides rapid emergency assistance. With emergency ID app and the Medical ID bracelet, you can help firefighters, emergency responders, emergency physicians and other helpers to save your life in an emergency.

Fast rescue in need: Two important building blocks

The emergency ID system is based on two important pillars. The Android app captures your medical data. The emergency bracelet, on the other hand, is the guide for the rescue workers, so they can immediately access the information stored in the app. The system is thought out and minimizes the loss of time in crisis situations to a minimum. And is directly accessible from the blocking screen of the smartphone.

Block 1: The app “Medical Emergency ID”

The „Notfall-ID“-App load for free in Google PlayStore down

And install it on your smartphone. Now simply fill out your profile – registration is not necessary because the data is only stored on your mobile phone. In addition to your personal data and contact information, you can also register here:

  • blood type
  • Date of birth
  • Body size and weight
  • Information about organ donation
  • Description of all present diseases (eg epilepsy, diabetes, hemophilia)
  • Pre-existing diseases (eg stroke, myocardial infarction)
  • Allergies and the symptoms that cause an allergic reaction
  • Medicines you take regularly (with dosage and frequency)
  • Instructions for emergency (eg contact persons and their relationship to you, GP, hospital, where you were last treated)


The special feature of the app lies in its behavior with locked smartphone. Because even if you have a blocking screen with PIN query set up, the app is always accessible. To do this, activate a widget in the app settings, which is placed over the lock. The paramedic who detects your bracelet can access your medical data in just four easy steps:

  1. Schritt: Switch on the mobile phone
  2. Schritt: Tap the widget on the lock screen
  3. Schritt: Enter security code engraved on your emergency bracelet
  4. Schritt: Read Medical information


In addition, the app offers many other useful features, such as:

  • Protection against unauthorized access by means of security code
  • Dispatch of automated emergency SMS with forwarding of the current location by calling the GPS coordinates
  • Print out the emergency data or send via WhatsApp or by e-mail
  • Quick selection of emergency phone numbers


Block 2: The Emergency ID Wristlet

The emergency armband has been designed to give helping persons or the rescue service the crucial reference to the medical information in the smartphone. By the inscription “emergency data in the mobile phone”, the discoverer is immediately clear that the mobile phone will provide information about the illnesses and medicines of the patient. The prominent security code allows instant access to the app.

By the way, the fear that, in an emergency, nobody would bother looking for such a bracelet is unfounded. Since intravenous access is often necessary in cases of more severe health problems, in order to be able to make infusions, the wrist is usually examined anyway. In addition, SOS bracelets are now so widespread that the rescue team is already on its own due to the mere possibility of a review.

Everything you should know about our emergency armband, at a glance:

  • Material: High quality fibers made of silicone, germanium and titanium, combined with a fine fabric to create a trendy power bracelet
  • Farbauswahl: Currently available in different colors, other versions are in preparation
  • Notfall-ID Tag: Tag made of stainless steel, attached to the bracelet by two silicone lids
  • Flexibilität: Removing and attaching tags to other bracelets is possible
  • Komfort: High wearing comfort thanks to supple material
  • Verschluss: Easy to open, yet secure closure by clicking mechanism


An emergency harness for all cases: Examples of emergency ID

There are many situations where our emergency armband can make the difference:

  • An elderly woman lives alone in her home, but her family worries about her because of various pre-existing conditions. Through the SOS bracelet, the rescue service can quickly find out how to help her, and who is to be informed.
  • A child suffers from epileptic seizures. Parents make an SOS emergency armband for their child for the school way, so that they can get help immediately in case of an attack.
  • If dementia patients leave the home alone, they may lose their orientation. The contact address stored in the emergency ID app can be quickly identified and the responsible contact person can be called.
  • If you are affected by an allergy that causes violent reactions (eg bee stings, certain medicines), the information about the allergy bracelet can shorten the time to the important counter-measures.
  • Do you like running in the early morning or late evening hours when it is dark and quiet? With our SOS bracelet you will feel safe, because in case of a traffic accident you can be helped.
  • Is an organ donation suitable for you? Then every minute counts in case of an accident. Well, if the rescue service immediately learns this information through your emergency medical strap first-hand.


Get your personal emergency ID tag and the matching trendy SOS bracelet right away. In combination with the app, these fashionable accessories will become an unbeatable safety device for your life!