Prepared for emergencies

Do not leave the emergency to chance: With Emergency ID, you are prepared for any medical problem. Thus, no valuable time passes for your necessary treatment. The rescue workers quickly learn about pre-existing diseases, allergies and other relevant data.

Emergency Bracelet

The emergency strap will carry you comfortably on your wrist. With the access code on the Tag, the rescuers get quick and easy access to your anonymously stored medical data in the online emergency pass or emergency app.

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Emergency Card

The emergency card, stored in a purse, delivers the most important information on an ad-hoc basis while providing access to your detailed emergency card on the Internet. An effective protection in itself, together with the emergency bracelet an unbeatable combination!

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Emergency Tag

The emergency tag offers a flexible attachment to various bracelets such as watches or tracking bracelets.As well as many other products such as bags or rucksacks.So they are equipped in any situation.A lot of other emergency tags can be found in shop.


Free emergency pass and emergency app, the combination with many advantages.

so it works:

Emergency ID Code. Please enter your emergency passport with your email address. Here you can create your emergency pass online. Your profile is now assigned to the emergency ID code.
On each article there is also the web page address which derives the Helpers
of input into the smartphone directly to the code input side. This leads directly to your emergency profile. The emergency card also works with the NFC function there is the retrieve then
without code input possible.

You can also save the created profile into our emergency app. Emergency App Download in the Google Playstore. The emergency app provides a second relapse level when the Internet is not available.

Please report any further questions! contact

Data security: Our data servers can be found in Germany and are subject to the high German data protection law

Emergency Bracelet: The best for your safety

Replace your Emergency ID Emergency Harness, insert the emergency card into the wallet, and feel safe. If you are involved in an accident, the rescue team can help you quickly if, for example, you are no longer accessible. Combine the three building blocks of emergency ID and take advantage of these advantages:


all relevant, medical data immediately available via the smartphone or PC


no loss of valuable time in acute, medical emergencies


easy-to-maintain emergency pass and emergency APP


Emergency bracelet in trendy designs and colors


can also be discreetly linked with other products through the emergency ID tag


high data security through a German data processing center


even without internet connection available through the emergency app

The four pillars of your safety: emergency armband, emergency card, emergency pass and app

In everyday situations situations arise quickly, in which you need medical help, whether it is an injury to sports, a traffic accident or a breakdown of the circulation. But the rescue workers are regularly confronted with a problem: in order to treat you adequately, they need information about your medical history, existing illnesses and allergies or medications taken. If you are no longer approachable, therefore, survival-critical time elapses. Incorrect decisions regarding the emergency measures taken can also result.

Emergency ID can not prevent you from accidents. But make sure that rescue workers can handle you in the best possible way. They enable paramedics, emergency physicians, firemen and other helpers to save your life if you can not do it yourself.

The emergency ID system consists of four pillars, each of which can be combined in different ways:

1 st pillar: the emergency passport

Your emergency passport is stored online and is accessible from anywhere where an Internet connection is available. In this anonymous profile, which can be assigned to your person only via your emergency card or the emergency handbag or emergency day, you store everything around your health. This information includes:

• Pre-existing diseases and operations
• Chronic diseases
• medicines taken
• Allergies and intolerances
• Contact persons
• Pets allowed

In short, if your helper opens this profile, he immediately learns everything he should know about your treatment and beyond. You can also save medication plans as well as pictures as a scanned document.

The care of the emergency pass is possible from any device with Internet connection, whether computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. To do this, simply call the online portal, register with your e-mail address and a password and store the desired information in your profile. Here, the full anonymity is ensured, since no personal data is recorded in addition to your e-mail address. Access is only possible via an emergency ID code number.

2 st pillar: The emergency ID app

The Emergency ID app is on Google Play Store available for your Android smartphone. Install it free of charge on your smartphone and store your medical data and emergency contact information locally on your device without a separate registration. These include, for example:

  • Your blood type
  • Your date of birth
  • Your body size
  • Your weight
  • Your wishes for a possible organ donation
  • Your present diseases and pre-existing conditions
  • Your allergies
  • Your regular medication
  • Your contact person
  • Your home doctor

    The app can also be blocked by a PIN query so that the data is not accessible to unauthorized third parties, the smartphone should be lost. Please refer to the purchased article and enter it into the app. In an emergency, however, the rescue personnel can easily access the app, even if the mobile phone itself is locked. You can use a widget on the lock screen to access the PIN query. These PINs are read by your helpers on your emergency armband or emergency card. Once they are entered, they are forwarded directly to your medical data.
3 rd pillar: The emergency bracelet

Your emergency bracelet is the key to the emergency pass and emergency app. On the day integrated into the bracelet, the rescue workers find the individual ID code with which they can enter the emergency passport
the app profile, as well as the hint where the medical data is to be found. In an emergency, immediate access is thus possible and thus even faster handling is possible.

The emergency bracelet Sleeves of Emergency ID are both decorative and useful at the same time. The fibers of silicone, sail, germanium and titanium are interwoven into a fine, high-quality fabric, which is characterized by its longevity and high wearing comfort. They are available in many colors. The emergency ID tag is made of sturdy stainless steel and can be attached to the bracelet (eg on the shoe, on the backpack or on your own jewelery). The product is rounded off by a secure, yet easy-to-open click closure.

The Emergency Bracelet from Emergency ID has many advantages

  • better and faster treatment in an emergency
  • easy-to-maintain online emergency pass and app
  • with lots of colors full of trend
  • Tag can be combined with other products
  • more security for people traveling alone
  • usable without internet connection

    Possible concerns that emergency bracelet might not be perceived in the event of an emergency are unfounded. Rescue workers are dependent on additional information about your medical history. Once you discover the bracelet, you will have the chance to get your data. On top of that, the wrist in case of unconsciousness usually has to be examined anyway in order to give you blood pressure or an intravenous access. Thus the emergency bracelet is discovered directly. Due to the growing degree of dissemination, the rescue workers are often the first to look at the wrist.
4 th pillar: The emergency card

The emergency ID emergency card completes your safety equipment. They are best placed in the purse, near the insurance card of your health insurance, on the basis of the check card format. The emergency card offers you several functions to improve your chances in an emergency:

  • Information on the emergency card: On the back, you will find the most important illnesses, allergies and medicines that are relevant to the emergency, with a water-resistant pencil. These are valuable preliminary information for the rescue personnel.
  • NFC feature: With each smartphone, the emergency card can be read out. All you have to do is activate the NFC function on the mobile phone of the rescuer and place the card on the mobile phone. The rescuer will automatically be forwarded to your online emergency service, where your medical information can be retrieved down to the last detail.
  • App-Code: The emergency ID app stored on your own smartphone can be backed up by a PIN code. You will also find this on your card. This allows the rescue personnel to access the most important medical information even if there is no internet connection for calling the online emergency pass.

Emergency ID: How to find the right product

Whether the emergency bracelet or emergency card is better suited to you depends on your personal preferences and preferred activities. In particular, an available Internet connection is an important selection criterion.

The emergency card has the advantage that you almost always have the purse in it, so you do not have to worry about it because you do not even have to carry your mobile phone. However, the emergency passport coupled with it requires an active Internet connection, which is not always available during sporting trips to open terrain or possibly even in closed buildings.

Athletes often prefer the emergency armband because it does not interfere with running or cycling and you can leave your wallet easily at home. To open the app, you need to have the smartphone with you. However, this is the case in most sportsmen anyway, in order to listen to music or remain accessible. The big advantage: The combination of emergency barb and app works even without Internet connection.
Your best for more safety: Combine all four pillars to ensure maximum safety. For example, your medical data is always accessible through the app or through your online emergency pass and your rescue is on your feet.